Want to become a lender? Heres how..

Email us at thedressingroomhire@gmail.com registering your interest.

Our expectation

Chat to us more about our hiring system & processes via email.

What is the cost of listing?

To list your dresses with us is free of charge. All transactions are processed through our website and the only time you receive a charge is when your dress receives a booking. In this case we pay out the total transaction processed (hire cost + shipping) to you & subtract our $20.00 minimum fee.

The way we determine our fees are under $100 hire = $20, $100 - $150 hire = $30, $151 and above $40 fee. 

When do I receive my payment?

The payment is transferred to the lender once the dress has been shipped and tracking has been forwarded to us via email.

What can I list?

We want our collection to cater for everyone and be of the best quality. Therefore the following rules stand

- minimum RRP above $150 

- item must be in great condition

- must be current (or a classic style, no more than a few years old)

What can't I list?

- Old designer dresses

- Outfits with noticeable staining, pulls or anything else that affects the look of the  dress 

How do I make a claim?

With every hire we receive a photo of the borrowers license & credit card details as our coverage for the return of damaged goods. In the event that a garment comes back damaged or heavily stained, the lender must email us at thedressingroomhire@gmail.com within 24 hours receiving the dress back and we will endeavour to resolve the dispute.

As per our terms and conditions any individual hiring through our website agrees to pay for any damage/loss of garment etc (refer to our terms and conditions). In this case we will need a receipt/letter from the repair company or dry cleaner to forward to the borrower.

We always endeavour to resolve all disputes fairly however the final decision is determined by The Dressing Room.

Do I receive a dry cleaning fee a well?

We include dry cleaning in our total price, however it is up to the lender whether they dry clean their garment or clean themselves. We always recommend dry cleaning to keep the garment in the best state possible. 

How does Afterpay work?

We offer Afterpay to our customers on every item on our website. Afterpay charges us a 6% merchant fee + 30 cent admin fee. This will be split 50/50 between The Dressing Room Hire & The Lender out of the total payout.


- We expect express postage & a return bag included in the parcel + our information sheet for the borrower that can be downloaded here makes everything very clear for the borrower. We charge $30 for postage so that a signature can be included on the package. You will receive the postage amount so please include a signature. This means your package will need to be signed for by the borrower and keeps everything tracked.

- We expect the dress to be steamed (if need be) before posting and the dress to be folded in a respectable way inside the post bag for our customers

- We aim to post most of our dresses out on the Tuesday (depending on the location of the borrower) to arrive a few days before their event & to be strictly returned on the Monday. This varies if the event date is during the week.

- We have a calendar on our website so any customer can book at any time. We need you to give us notice of any time periods you will not be able to complete an order so that we can block these dates out on our calendar so that they can not be booked. If for any reason you cancel a customers order last minute, the charge of the hire will be passed on to the lender as this affects our reputation.