Whilst terms and conditions can be filled with a lot of information, it is very important to read and understand before proceeding with your hire. Our terms and conditions also include valuable information on how our hiring system works and how to have a great experience when hiring. Please note when hiring you are entering a legally binding contract and terms and conditions must be followed.

We can't wait to dress you for your next event!

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By accessing and using The Dressing Room Hire's website at www.thedressingroomhire.com, you are accepting and consenting to the practices inn these terms of use. "The Dressing Room Hire", "we", "our", "us" means its successors and assigns or any person acting on behalf of and with the authority of The Dressing Room Hire Pty Ltd, ABN 60910716887.



When placing a hire order via the rental calendar you must ONLY select your event date. Do NOT select the date you are wanting to receive the dress as we will expect a strict return the following business day after your selected date. If this term is not followed, it will impact our next customers hire and you will be liable for cover the loss of business.
Standard Rental Period: are weekend events falling on a Saturday or Sunday. The dress will arrive to the user's delivery address before the selected date and STRICTLY must be returned the following business day after user's event or MONDAY if your event falls on a Saturday or Sunday. We DO NOT accept late returns as this is a rental business and we rely on garments to be returned on the correct pre-discussed date to be able to for-fill our bookings. 
  • Email Enquires Are Required For the Following To thedressingroomhire@gmail.com
    • If you are requiring an alternate date (Monday- Friday) so that we can ensure this doesn't conflict with existing bookings and timely arrival.
    • RURAL LOCATIONS: As we rely on Australia Post's delivery times, if you are in a rural location we need to confirm that there is enough travel time and that your booking won't conflict with existing bookings. 
    • Significant Life Events: If you are hiring for a formal/wedding or other significant event please let us know beforehand as we'd prefer to extend your booking on our end to ensure there are no unexpected delays with Australia Post.

NOTE: If an individual has booked for any of the following without an enquiry and there is a risk of delivery due to existing bookings the individual will be entitled to a credit note not a refund as this is clearly stated here. 

If you are wanting to hire a garment for an extended period of time please reach out to thedressingroomhire@gmail.com and we can provide you with a custom quote. Please note we DO NOT allow any of our garments to be taken overseas, breach of this term will result in legal action.



Our pick up times for locals are:

  • Thursday 3-5:30
  • Friday 3-5
  • Saturday 8-9.

Or within our try on times from Thursday-Saturday morning. If these times are not suitable please reach out so we can organise an alternative.

Postal orders must be placed by 12pm AEDT each day to be posted the same day (unless you have contacted us earlier, feel free to email us at thedressingroomhire@gmail.com if you are requiring an urgent post out). Any orders after this time may be posted the next day.



We only use Australia Post Express Post Service with signature. We will not accept any requests to use alternate services.

The user bears the risk of delivery. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that they are available to receive their parcel to avoid any risk to the parcel. Alternatively we would recommend providing us with your work address if you are not going to be home to collect your parcel on delivery. If no one is home to sign for the parcel, they will take the parcel back to the post office for collection. Please note User will not be entitled to a refund if user misses delivery and the parcel goes back to a holding centre/post office and are unable to collect. 



The Dressing Room Hire will ask for the following information from the user. This information will also pop up once you have completed your booking.

  • PHOTO ID including license or passport
  • CREDIT CARD -front and back

This MUST be emailed through to thedressingroomhire@gmail.com once an order is placed. It is the user's responsibility to do so accordingly before their hire period, we WILL NOT under any circumstances post any garment without this information. This is The Dressing Room Hire's protection against damaged garments and it is clearly stated here in our terms and conditions that this is a requirement and is known before placing an order. Please do not place an order without reading and accepting this and our entire terms and conditions.

The Dressing Room has the right to refuse to hire if User is unable to provide the requested identification or document (s). This information will be stored temporarily and will be shredded on the return of The Dressing Room Hire's garment. Please note every dress hire has a different system, if you've hired elsewhere and they do not require this information it doesn't affect whether we require this or not. Like when hiring a car, booking accomodation etc personal information is required to ensure terms and conditions are followed. If this isn't suitable we can alternatively do a bond instead.

Why is this? We are unable to track the garment, severely impacting our next hire as can not locate and track the return.  Post box returns are often not picked up the same day and often when items are placed in a post box the tracking doesn't update as scanned and we have found items go missing or take a far longer time to get back to us. Our hire system doesn't work efficiently if we can not track and locate our garments within the post.
    • Must be returned by 5PM MONDAY (standard hire period). Please return the garment in the dress protective bag provided. If you are unable to return your garment by this time, you must inform us prior to hiring. It is important to note, if you are picking up your hire it must be dropped back off. If your intention is to post the garment back we must be informed BEFORE your booking is placed as we will only be taking into account the garment being dropped back and not postage times when accepting the following booking.
    • Our postal returns must be posted back by 1PM MONDAY (or following business day to selected event date). Place garment in return bag that is pre-written on and provided. The garment MUST be returned in this bag as we have pre saved the tracking number. (If the return bag is misplaced, please let us know and we can provide you with our return address to express the parcel back to).
    • Head INSIDE the post office and ensure the dress is scanned over the counter. It is REQUIRED that you ask for a tracking receipt and that you email thedressingroomire@gmail.com the tracking receipt information. Please understand that we require this information as evidence/your proof of return. If something goes wrong with the post and you have not given us the tracking receipt you will be liable to cover the cost of a replacement and any loss of business for our pre existing bookings. *Occasionally the post office employee may say you won't need the receipt as we already have the tracking number but we still require this as proof of lodgement over the counter.
  • Failure to return the dress on the due date or failure to return the dress over the counter will result in an automatic $50 charge as our terms and conditions are clearly stated. Unfortunately working all day, forgetting or similar excuses are not acceptable. Please respect that we are a business too and the garment needs to be returned without fail for our business to successfully operate. If the User's late/incorrect return impacts the next hire the User will be liable for the loss of business. Each day the garment is not returned the user will be charged $25 per day.
  • If the User has not returned the rental item(s) within 7 days after the return date, The Dressing Room Hire will consider the rental item(s) as non-returned and will charge the User’s credit card 200% of the recommended retail value stated at item description minus late fees that the User has already paid. The rental fee will not be subtracted.
  • User MUST only post the garment back via the post office from the state it was sent to or notify The Dressing Room Hire once booking is placed. Please note if you are posting back from an alternate location to where we've posted, you must notify us before your booking. The Dressing Room Hire has calculated enough time for the dress to be returned from current hire, to be dry cleaned and resent to the next location dependant on the first User's location and returning from an alternate state/rural area will impact the next hire and User will be liable for this expense.


Please understand that we expect the utmost respect for our garments from all of our clients and care should always be taken. Please also note that need to inform us of any damage/staining as soon as this occurs. 

The Dressing Room Hire inspects every garment before posting to the user. If The Dressing Room Hire has missed any alleged defect/damage/staining the user must inform us within 4 hours of receiving and the garment must be posted back within 24 hours with tracking receipt provided. If the user opts not to wear the garment a refund will be provided at The Dressing Room Hire's discretion provided we are informed as per the above information.
  • The Dressing Room Hire is responsible for the cleaning of the item, this meaning that under NO circumstances should the user attempt to clean/alter the garment without our consent. It is always in everyones best interest to leave the cleaning to the dry cleaner as any prior attempts can cement a stain into the fabric and alter the dry cleaners abilities. Although dry cleaners can be lifesavers please do not assume they can fix everything, often they can not always rub stains especially on delicate and silk fabrics so please take care as if our dresses were your own.
  • Safety pins and other alteration tools are NOT to be used on our garments. The only methods we accept are non Iron On Hemming Tape and Hollywood Tape (on suitable outfits, not delicate). When using either please ensure that it is removed completely after wear as when it is left on it becomes harder to remove and can damage the delicate fabrics.
  • The Dressing Room Hire's prices include a basic clean meaning no extra efforts to remove stains required. This does not cover tan stains, alcohol stains, makeup, oil, dirt, mud, perfume and any additional obvious markings. Any additional charges will be passed onto the User. If the garment is neglected and dry cleaning takes a longer than usual time period compromising the next existing bookings the User will be liable to cover loss of business.
    • Note: Perfume should never be directly sprayed onto a dress. 
    • Note: Under no circumstances should a garment that touches the ground be dragged along the ground/through mud etc. If attending an outdoor event the dress should be lifted. If we receive a garment back with mud stains user will be charged for a replacement on the spot.
    • If you are somebody who wears fake tan, understand you do so at your own risk. We would always recommend to tan days earlier and use a good quality formula as cheaper tans can leave a pink permanent mark especially to the underarm area and this damage will be charged accordingly.
  • If a dress is lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair or if a dress is returned to The Dressing Room Hire and it is clear that negligence has occurred and it has not been taken care of, the dress has been damaged, the appearance of the dress has changed or there are permanent markings that affect the dresses ability to be hired/its look/quality/it losses value, the User authorises The Dressing Room hire to charge the the RRP to the provided credit card or invoice the User. Remember, our dress is your responsibility whilst out of our collection. If this unfortunately occurs the replacement is expected to be paid for immediately as often we have to source a replacement straight away to for-fill other bookings. The User will also be liable to cover the cost for all pre existing bookings for that style that will have to be cancelled. User agrees and authorises The Dressing Room to charge the card provided or invoice. Failure to do so will result in debt collection.
  • In the event that the User's credit card/debit is declined for any amounts that User owes to The Dressing Room Hire, The User is unresponsive and The User does not pay those amounts to The Dressing Room Hire via another method, collection of the User's debt will be pursued. Please note if you are hiring with us, our expectation is to be able to communicate and receive a response.

  • IMPORTANT: The Dressing Room Hire is a dress hire service, occasionally there will be small signs of wear and tear to garments over time and small imperfections that do not affect the overall appearance of the garment. Whilst most garments are in impeccable conditions, wear and tear is normal within all hire services and if this is of concern to the user then hiring may not be the best option. Despite our best efforts with packaging, some styles of dresses are bound to crease in the post. Unfortunately sometimes there is no way to control this and if this is of concern we'd recommend enquiring beforehand so that we can indicate whether a certain style is appropriate for you/your event. 

    In the case a garment arrives with creases from travel the best solution is to hang the garment and allow the steam from the bathroom to work its magic.



The Dressing Room DOES NOT provide refunds for the following

  • Cancelled Order 
    • If the User cancels their order - if you need to cancel for any given reason please email us at thedressingroomhire@gmail.com. We are unable to provide refunds once a booking is within our system or for change of mind due to the nature of hiring, however we will issue user with a credit note. Hire costs are non refundable. NOTE: If user's garment has already been posted user will not be entitled to a credit note. NOTE: After the use of the credit issued from a cancelled order; if the customer cancels again they are not entitled to another credit note. 
    • If user books and does not allow enough travel time. We will always do our best for last minute orders but postage times/different locations vary and it is up to the user to order in advance to ensure enough travel time. 
  • Sizing
    • Incorrect Fit - We understand that from time to a time an outfit may not fit. If a dress arrives and it is the incorrect fit, please email us (the same day within 4 hours of receiving the garment) and STRICTLY return before 10:30 the following morning to be entitled to a credit note to the value of the dress (shipping costs not included). It is important to note that if user informs us at a later time/after the hire period, user will not be entitled to a credit note and if a garment has been worn the credit will be void.
    • Our sizing recommendations are purely recommendations. The Dressing Room Hire asks that you DO NOT attempt to wear a dress that does not fit. This can cause damage to the garment that you will be liable for. If damaged this may affect our next customers hire and you will also be liable for the loss of business.
    • We DO NOT offer postal try ons.
  • Late Arrivals
    • Unfortunately from time to time Australia Post can have unexpected delays that are completely out of our control. In the very rare situation that a dress does not arrive in time for your event, reach out to us via thedressingroomhire@gmail.com and we will provide you with a full credit note including postage.
    • In the unlikely occasion that The Dressing Room Hire's delivery is impacted by Australia Post and arrives after User's return date, The Dressing Room Hire require the dress to be posted back within 24 hours of receiving.
    • Australia post can incorrectly sort parcels on the very rare occasion. It is unfortunately something that we can not control and can delay a parcel, in the case that this occurs the user is entitled to a credit note.
  • Last Minute Hires/Rural Terms
    • If user places a last minute order and The Dressing Room Hire has posted at the next opportunity (same day before 12 or next business day) and the garment does not arrive the user will be entitled to a credit note only minus postage.
    • It is the user's liability to rent timely/in advance for The Dressing Room Hire to be able to send the garment in time. If the user lives in a rural area or significant distance from our location and the garment does not arrive prior to the event, the user will not be entitled to a refund as we need to be informed prior to ordering so that we can allow longer postage times.
    • Any last minute bookings made without previous enquiry regarding travel time from the User to The Dressing Room Hire that we predict will not have enough travel time due to public holidays/busy periods  will have afterpay/shopify fee removed from reimbursement.



The Dressing Room's store credits are valid for 6 months and are not transferable. This means you can not give your gift card to another person or friend and you can not use the gift card to hire for someone else. All bookings processed are strictly to be made by the individual hiring unless a parent for under 18.  In case of an unforeseeable event The Dressing Room can cancel store credits (e.g. store stops operations) without refunding. Credits are not combinable with promotional codes. Store credits cannot be sold.

Gift cards are valid for 1 year.



We reserve the right to exclude individuals from our hiring service. The laws of Australia govern our Terms and Conditions.

The Dressing Room reserves the right to adjust hire prices at any time when they see fit for any reason.



The Dressing Room will in no way be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, resulting from use or inability to use the website or for the cost of procurement of substitute products or resulting from any products purchased or obtained or messages received or transactions entered into through the website or resulting from unauthorised access to or alteration of your transmissions or data or of any information contained on this website, including but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, use, data or other intangible, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

Where any Act of Parliament implies in the Terms and Conditions any term, condition or warranty, and that Act avoids or prohibits provisions in a contract excluding or modifying the application of or exercise of, or liability under such term, condition or warranty, such term, condition or warranty shall be deemed to be included in the Terms and Conditions, however, the liability for us on any breach of such term, condition or warranty shall be limited, at our option, to any one or more of the following:

if the breach relates to goods;
the replacement of the goods or supply of equivalent goods;
the repair of such goods;
the payment of the cost of replacing the goods or of acquiring equivalent goods; or
the payment of the cost of having the goods repaired; and
if the breach to relates to services:
the supplying of the services again; or
the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.



To process orders is necessary to obtain your personal information. It is important for us that persons with whom we do business have confidence that we handle information responsibly and it is our policy to do this. Except where otherwise legally appropriate we will treat your personal information as private. If you pay online using a credit card, the card details are not viewed by us or any person except you during the transaction. The details are encrypted and passed directly to the bank. We do not retain your credit card details.