Gather By The Hill X The Dressing Room Hire

Gather By The Hill X The Dressing Room Hire

Hunting high and low for our next photo shoot back drop, we were struggling to come up with a location that truely matched our aesthetic.

Ultimately we were dreaming of a location that would warm up our winter outfits and leave our audience dying to go wherever we ended up shooting. Snuggled into Gerringong's hillside, we came across the beautiful newly established Gather By The Hill.. soon to become the South coasts newest hotspot and fell in love. 

The day started early, styling our newest pieces of our collection and revitalising older, yet still timeless and beautiful dresses. We worked alongside The Palm House Studio @thepalmhousestudio who assisted us with planning our shoot, the creative direction & styling, sourcing of styling props, moodboards, photography and editing.

Below is a sneak peak, head over to our instagram (@thedressingroomhire) and let us know what you think of our final shots, we hope you love them as much as we do!

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