Refund Policy

The Dressing Room does not provide refunds for the following 

  • If the User cancels their order
  • If the garment does not fit
  • For change of mind
  • If the User books and does not allow enough time for their order to arrive

If the User wishes to cancel they must provide The Dressing Room with a minimum of 2 weeks notice. If notice is provided the User will be issued with a credit note, valid for 12 months.

Once an order is placed on The Dressing Room's website, a refund is unable to be provided for change of mind. 

The Dressing Room Hire does not accept returns. However in the rare case a dress arrives faulty the User needs to contact and inform The Dressing Room hire within 4 hours of receiving garment and process a return within 24 hours.

The Dressing Room may cancel your order. Due to an unforeseen event, if the item you ordered suddenly is no longer available, you will be contacted about the cancellation. In this case the User will be provided with a refund, or if the User opts for a credit note it will be at 110% of their order.

Due to the current climate, if we need to cancel your order due to delays with Australia Post or a lockdown impacts our delivery we will provide you will a credit note to the value of your order. This will be valid for 6 months.

In the rare occasion that our delivery is impacted by Australia Post and arrives after your return date we require the dress to be posted back within 24 hours of receiving. If you have ordered with us in advance and the dress does not arrive in time you will be entitled to a refund. However if it is a last minute hire placed with less than or equal to 48 hours before, you will not be entitled to a refund.

It is the User's liability to rent timely/in advance for The Dressing Room to be able to send the garment in time. If you live in a rural area and the garment does not arrive prior to event we will not refund.