How it works?

Welcome to The Dressing Room!

You might be wondering how it all works... so we've laid it all out for you, step by step!

1. Browse, browse, browse. Find a dress you love. We have new arrivals arriving weekly.

2. Check availability via our calendar, check the boxes after reading and agreeing to our terms and conditions and place your order.

3. We have rules to ensure our service runs smoothly and when hiring with us you enter an online legal binding that assures us you will abide by these terms. After placing your order a message will notify you regarding our policy photo & credit card ID.

4. Tracking will be provided once the dress in on the way to you, you will recieve this via email. The Dress will arrive wrapped and you will receive an information sheet with our dress outlining our terms and conditions that MUST be followed. Some dresses will arrive and may require a very light careful steam, please not iron our dresses or alter our dresses in anyway.

5 - You enjoy your event. Don't forget to take photos & tag us as we love to see our dresses out and about. We offer $10 off your next hire if you upload a photo and tag us and leave us a facebook review.

It's now the day after your event.. heres what to do

- We include a return slip in every parcel to make the return process as simple as possible. Place the dress inside the way it came to you and seal. 

DO NOT clean or alter the dress in any way. We do expect our dresses to come back in a respectable way the way they were sent out in the first place. However please, if there is a mark on the garment DO NOT attempt to clean it. We have professional dry cleaners that clean our garments and by you attempting to remove a mark you will cement the stain into the fabric, making their job impossible. It is better to leave the garment as is for the professionals to do their job. If we can see a dress has been cleaned, again there will be a fee as we have clearly explained this.

- you return the dress VIA POST OFFICE ONLY OVER THE COUNTER (we do not accept post boxes as a method of return). You will receive a reminder the morning of to which you will be expected to reply to with the tracking receipt. If a parcel is scanned over the counter they will provide you with this. Failure to follow these instructions will mean we can't track the parcel, it will become delayed and affect the next persons hire and there will be a fee charged. We can see when a parcel hasn't been scanned over the counter. 

- Please note if you are posting back from an alternate location to where we've posted, you must notify us with your booking.

- YOU MUST email us the tracking receipt. WE DO NOT accept returns via post boxes, you will be charged a fee if you place the dress in a post box (we can see when it hasn't been scanned over the counter). Your item MUST BE scanned over the counter. We also include a return slip in every parcel to make the return process as simple as possible.

DO NOT clean or alter the dress in anyway, we have all of our garments professionally dry cleaned.


Please note: We thoroughly inspect every dress before it is sent out. If we miss something we ask you to take a photo or inform us within four hours of receiving your dress. We ask everyone to take care and respect our dresses as if they were there own! There are fees for damage and we reserve the right to charge an extra cleaning fee if we deem necessary (please refer to our terms and conditions).


We can't wait to lend you an outfit!


The Dressing Room X